American Airlines New Longer Hold Options

American Airlines has had a 24 hour hold option when booking tickets for a long time now.  This was always great when you think you found a good rate but still wanted to check ticket prices the next day, wait for other people to confirm flights, or to look around more and try to find a better rate.  Fairs change all the time, and while a majority of the time they end up go up, that’s not always the case. Other times you find by changing days or flight could save a lot of money. So it’s great you can can keep looking around and feel safe knowing you have your original ticket and fair to fall back on.

Back in November we heard exciting news about American Airlines adding new options when holding tickets. Today I went to book some flights for an upcoming trip and put them on hold like I normally do, and look what I found.


Hold Prices seem to vary based on ticket costs, my options were:

  • 24 Hour hold is still free.
  • 3 Days – $7.99 (per person)
  • 5 Days – $9.99 (per person)
  • 7 Days – $11.99 (per person)

All non-refundable of course.
But note that if you choose a longer then 24 hour hold you will not be charged till after that first 24 hour period has passed. This is really great news if you are ready to book in that first 24 hour period it won’t cost you anything.

The aa.com’s Extended Hold FAQ’s can be found here
AA.com Hold FAQ